[TowerTalk] Fwd: New Fair-Rite Clamp-On -- BAD NEWS

Patrick Greenlee patrick_g at windstream.net
Sun Jan 12 15:13:52 EST 2014

Maybe alpha cyanoacrylate  (Crazy) glue anaerobic adhesive.  Should stay in 
place then. Maybe glue and then shrink.  Of course if the price for 2 of 
them is about the same as the price for THE RIGHT THING (after shipping 
considerations) then no one would want to  hassle with the halves.  I have 
followed this thread and it looks to me the info was there but not stressed. 
I would likely have ended up in the same manner and suspect it could have 
happened to any of us. It is just a tiny little flaw in the fabric of 
space-time.  I assume you have contacted the supplier and they will take 
them back but probably want you to pay the shipping. That is probably as 
good as it gets. Too bad it had to happen to any of us but I recall being 
told that the sweeter the deal seems to be the more careful you need to be. 
Sort of like too good to be true and wasn't.

Patrick NJ5G

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On 1/12/2014 9:29 AM, Patrick Greenlee wrote:
> Can you just put shrink tubing over a couple pieces if not electrical 
> tape?

Yes, and they can be held together with tape or ty-wraps. But all of
those methods are subject to stretching, and near ideal mating of the
two pieces is critical to  the proper electrical function of the
resulting choke. That's the problem with what they are shipping.

73, Jim K9YC


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