[TowerTalk] Fwd: New Fair-Rite Clamp-On -- BAD NEWS

Jim Brown jim at audiosystemsgroup.com
Sun Jan 12 15:24:25 EST 2014

On 1/12/2014 12:13 PM, Patrick Greenlee wrote:
> I have followed this thread and it looks to me the info was there but 
> not stressed. 

Mostly not there. First, the website is a moving target -- there have 
been updates since I first evaluated this part about three months ago. 
Second, the part is described in at least four different places, each 
different from the others. One or two reference a drawing "4", but only 
one of them includes a drawing for "4," and it was not there when I 
first looked at the table where the part is listed. The current (as of a 
few days ago) single HTML page that you get by clicking on the part 
number contains no drawing of the part, but rather a blank space for the 
graphic. And EVERY place in which the part is described, it includes the 
description "Round Cable Snap-It."

73, Jim K9YC

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