[TowerTalk] Drain Pipe Passing Thru Tower Foundation

Brian Amos bamos1 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 22:39:44 EST 2014

Im saying an old utility needs to be moved or abandoned.  The new wet
utilities should come in under the foundation with a minimum clearance and
a reinforced footing that will easily span the less than compact trench.
When they can't go under for some reason they go through the stem wall, not
the foundation. And its a continuous foundation in that case, not the
isolated cold foundation that we are talking about here.

Should that drain pipe get clogged and fill up with water and freeze it
will break. If its in direct contact with the foundation it will crack too.
A larger conduit pipe surrounding it might work if it can be extended
beyond the foundation far enough that a ruptured inner pipe wont cause
water to collect adjacent to the foundation. But how do you slide the old
pipe into a new conduit and at that point you are digging up that existing
pipe quite a bit and might as well just move it.

I am not completely familiar with all the details of the case to make an
informed recommendation. I am just providing my general recommendations
based on years of experience. If someone needs an engineers informed
decision he should hire one. He may recommend something completely
different. And as long as  its his stamp on there and not mine I dont care
how they solve the problem.
On Jan 15, 2014 6:26 PM, "Dick NY1E" <dick at ny1e.com> wrote:

> "I come across this situation all the time. Anytime someone wants to build
> an addition or where there used to be a structure I tell them specifically
> to move or remove any utility that is within the footprint of the
> foundation. "
> Your saying you can't run utilities into a foundation? No one has water
> and sewer???
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