[TowerTalk] Multi-station antenna selection patch panel

David Robbins k1ttt at arrl.net
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Agree, any to any gives lots of relays no matter how you do it.  but you
really don't need vacuum relays, most of the common switch boxes today just
used regular frame relays.  If you want to keep cost down by using off the
shelf parts try looking at the rcs-10 remote switches that do 8 to 1, I am
using them for my rx antenna switching:
ch  and they work well... of course there is no lockout, you would have to
come up with that in whatever provides the control power.  I think k1xm was
working on something like that, but not sure how far it ever got.

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On 1/17/14 5:10 PM, krishna kanakasapapathi wrote:
> Howdie,
>   I am looking into build a panel that would distribute 8 to 10 
> antennae to 5 to 6 stations in a
>   any-to-any setup to handle 1kw. Prefer lockout( if a sophisticated 
> design), but even manual switching would
>   be sufficient. I know it needs vaccum relays etc.
>   Don't want to reinvent the wheel. Where can i find a good 
> design/precedent ?

A couple things to think about.. what sort of isolation do you need? 
That sets the number of sets of contacts you need between two paths.

I'd look at some sort of crossbar arrangement, but that's 60 relays.


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