[TowerTalk] Hosting a commercial service

Edwin Karl edk0kl at centurytel.net
Tue Jan 21 22:01:00 EST 2014

Ponder this:

They will need fiber for their own purposes, your access is a no cost 
for them.
Typically they rent ground space, apply for a tower, etc.
The building is generally prefab, concrete (gravel face). They should 
provide their own power.
They pay for engineering analysis on tower and any upgrades.
Don't know what is in the permit from local government. I inserted "not 
for commercial
purposes" on my 100 footer. Ends discussion for me, greased the 
permitting process though.
I would figure $500-1,000 per month for site rental, commercial site. 
You may be in a low
people density situation in which case lower rent my make sense.
I would get cash from them as above in any event You will be married to 
them for a long
time, make certain you get what you want, don't let the money get in the 
Don't be afraid to ask, all they can say is no.
It's your property, I'll bet they will want 10 year deal which encumbers 
the property somewhat
for that period, no doubt with a ten year renewal clause, make certain 
it makes sense (for you).

Good Luck, we're all counting on you ...


ed K0KL

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