[TowerTalk] Hosting a commercial service

Jim W7RY w7ry at centurytel.net
Tue Jan 21 23:19:48 EST 2014

Oh.. BTW, a typical single commerical repeater into a commercial radio 
site is between 75 and 200 per month depending on location and if the 
site owner provides antennas and combining systems, emergency power etc.

Jim W7RY

On 1/21/2014 7:01 PM, Edwin Karl wrote:
> Ponder this:
> They will need fiber for their own purposes, your access is a no cost 
> for them.
> Typically they rent ground space, apply for a tower, etc.
> The building is generally prefab, concrete (gravel face). They should 
> provide their own power.
> They pay for engineering analysis on tower and any upgrades.
> Don't know what is in the permit from local government. I inserted 
> "not for commercial
> purposes" on my 100 footer. Ends discussion for me, greased the 
> permitting process though.
> I would figure $500-1,000 per month for site rental, commercial site. 
> You may be in a low
> people density situation in which case lower rent my make sense.
> I would get cash from them as above in any event You will be married 
> to them for a long
> time, make certain you get what you want, don't let the money get in 
> the way.
> Don't be afraid to ask, all they can say is no.
> It's your property, I'll bet they will want 10 year deal which 
> encumbers the property somewhat
> for that period, no doubt with a ten year renewal clause, make certain 
> it makes sense (for you).
> Good Luck, we're all counting on you ...
> 73
> ed K0KL
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