[TowerTalk] Saltwater Ground Connection

Joe Giacobello, K2XX k2xx at swva.net
Mon Jan 27 15:40:58 EST 2014

I'll be vacationing on a saltwater beach and will have a chance to to 
set up a portable vertical antenna.  Operation will probably be on 40, 
30 and 20M.  I have a vague recollection of reading of others' 
experiences on saltwater and believe that they typically used a single 
wire ground connection to the saltwater.  I believe the wire had a flat 
metal plate or similar attached to the saltwater end to increase both 
conductive surface area and stability in the water.  Does that seem 
about right?  I've also thought about using a galvanized bucket at the 
end.  Even if it only lasts for the duration of my stay, it's cheap enough.

I'd appreciate hearing of any relevant experiences or opinions.

Thanks and 73,


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