[TowerTalk] Need help identifying HyGain antenna (Trap Traveller rotatable tri band dipole)

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Tue Jan 28 02:19:43 EST 2014

On 1/27/2014 9:34 PM, Jim Pruitt wrote:
> Found it,  thanks to a friend.
> It was found in a 1960 Allied Catalog and was called the Hygain model 
> TDK Trap-Traveller Micro Dipole.  I have the scan of the page but the 
> page number got chopped off.  If I read the Allied listing correctly,  
> it was $9.95 without the pair of T-3 traps and must have been without 
> the model UB (Universal Base) so it would have cost $34.85 complete?  
> Anyway I did find it.  I can find no info on the web about it though 
> so it must not have been very popular.  I sure liked it and kept me 
> occupied  in my dorm room at that time.

That was about when I was in college the first time. <:-)) Didn't go 
back to earn a degree until 87. Graduated in 90. I remember the antenna 
as I thought it'd be real handy. IIRC it was only available for a year 
or two.

Sure brings back memories like my old S-40B receiver working all stereos 
in the dorm. Seems like one of the oscillators radiated quite a signal. 
As it was only 30 miles and gas was cheap, I commuted the next term, but 
a good paying job came along and ended the college trial.


Roger (K8RI)
> Thank you for the help.
> Jim Pruitt
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>> On 1/26/2014 3:51 PM, Jim Pruitt wrote:
>>> I need help in identifying the model number/nomenclature for an 
>>> antenna that I bought in 1967.  The antenna was made by HyGain in 
>>> the late 50's or early 60's.  I thought I remembered it being called 
>>> the HyGain trap traveler rotatable dipole.  It was for 20/15/10 and 
>>> looked like the driven element of a TH3JR on a 3 foot mast that had 
>>> a clamp for fitting over a window sill and hanging out a window.  It 
>>> was intended as a portable antenna and perhaps to be used from hotel 
>>> rooms and similar places I think.
>> I remember the antenna, but unfortunately that's all I can tell you.
>> 73
>> Roger (K8RI)
>>> Google has not helped me with this one. Does anyone remember this 
>>> antenna and might be able to tell me what it was called or the model 
>>> number?
>>> I need to know what kind of plastic was used for the insulators and 
>>> the plastic that was used to cover the traps so that I may repair them.
>>> Thank you.
>>> Jim Pruitt
>>> WA7DUY

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