[TowerTalk] FW: MOV's for Polyphaser Rotor Wire Protection

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Hi Bill,

Perhaps someone out there knows the specific answer to your question, but
since I did not see a response (yet) perhaps the little info I know may help
you in some way.  Perhaps someone knowledgeable on MOVs can add more into as

I know that the peak clamping voltage ratings of the MOVs in another similar
rotor protection device that I own are rated at ~2.5 x the maximum RMS VAC
rating of the device (or ~ 1.7 x the PEP VAC rating).  I think these will
deviate a little from mfg to mfg based on the service ratings in AC (or DC
for that matter).  Also, I believe that the peak clamping voltage is some
statistical high point for a specific device as there is some mfg tolerance
involved, so a nominal value might be different.

If you are protecting a rotor, I would suggest considering how well the
power supply voltage is regulated and what the worst case maximum no-load
voltage could be.   Once you have that value, you should be able to look in
the mfg literature and select the device with the next highest service
voltage rating.  Be sure to check if the mfg ratings are RMS or PEP and
convert accordingly.  As mentioned above, the clamping voltage will normally
be higher that the service rating by some margin.

You may want to take a look at the literature and specifications for MOVs
from a mfg (such as Littlefuse company).   The literature does a pretty good
job of guiding one though the process of selecting an appropriate clamping
voltage for a MOV based on the intended service.

Good luck.


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Does anyone know what value of MOV is used in the Polyphaser rotor wire
lightening protector model IS-RCT ?
Bill, N4LB

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