[TowerTalk] Quads vs WX

foxbw at comcast.net foxbw at comcast.net
Sat Jun 21 11:09:00 EDT 2014

It just goes to show, YMMV.  I spent two winters in Goose Bay, Labrador while in the Air Force.  At our MARS station (VO2HA) we had a two element tri-band quad on one 40 foot tower and a three element tri-band Yagi on another 40 footer about 100 feet apart.  If memory serves, the quad most often out-performed the Yagi.  It also weathered (pun intended) the brutal Labrador winters, as did the Yagi.  Cannot remember the brand of either, but I do remember the S-Line at the other end of the coax ;>) 
Barry - W1HFN 

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