[TowerTalk] Mosley

r miles greenacres113 at charter.net
Sat Jun 21 11:46:07 EDT 2014

It comes down to personal choice &  if you afford any antenna. If you 
can put up 100'+ towers & large antennas that's great. Most of us will 
never do that. My TA 33 has been up 35 yr.s. Tornado broke an element. I 
simply sleeved an element bit over the repaired spot. SWR nor anything 
else changed. I've used Mosley split driven element parts to make 12 & 
17m yagis. Also my 30m Moxon. I use Cebiks formulas. All have stayed up 
& working for yr.s.
I don't like the 57/67 models. I don't think they are very gud. for the 
effort. Just my opinion.
I have a TA 33 @ 50' and never ran more than 600w out. Just the way I 
see things. Not a contester but have  several nr 1 in section cert.s 
from the major DX contests. Also I'm currently @ 360 on the DXCC rolls.
It's just what you can be happy with & can afford. A 100 guys can say 
they had great success with a certain antenna but that doesn't mean you 
will or won't. It's like buying a new car. You get what you will be 
comfortable with. You're the driver........


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