[TowerTalk] [RFI] Back of desk grounding buss

Bryan Swadener bswadener at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 20 23:26:46 EDT 2014

Ditto - almost.  My operating position is a homebrew 72"x36"
desk w/ 72"x18" shelf. Under the shelf is a 72" x 6" back,
made from 3/4" plywood (w/ 2" open space above & below to
allow cables and airflow). A 6" wide strip of aluminum sheet
spans the inside surface and is attached to the shelf back
with a few wood screws. Copper would also work but, I had
aluminum on hand.

I make connection to it using machine screws and _TEE NUTS_.
Where I want a connection, I drill a hole to accept a Tee
nut, and press it into the back using a C-clamp. Then, the
connection can be made using only a capscrew, as tight as
you like.

vy 73,
Bryan WA7PRC

 Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2014 17:18:23 -0500
 From: Patrick Greenlee
 Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] [RFI] Back of desk grounding buss

 I too prefer through bolting more than tapping holes in thin
 soft materials, copper or aluminum.  If you really tighten a
 fastener in soft aluminum or copper,  then 3 threads are not
 enough.  Through bolting with stainless steel will let you
 tighten thoroughly.

 Patrick NJ6G

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