[TowerTalk] XM240 element lenght question

Bill Parry bparry at rgv.rr.com
Sun May 4 16:04:26 EDT 2014


I have an XM240 and I checked to see the swr, it is set for the CW portion.
I have had it up and down a couple of times for lightning strikes and at one
time used the "MID" measurements and found that the SWR rises much more
quickly in the CW portion of the band if I use that setting. My antenna is
about 40 meters high.

7.000		1:1
7.050		1:11
7.100		1.3
7.150		1.5
7.200		1.9
7.250		2.1

I use an alpha amp and it starts to complain about the SWR at about 7200.
This measurement is using my FT2000 and reading it the best I can on the
little meter. I never get above 7200 so this setting works great for me. If
you are going to work more phone then you might want to use the mid

Bill W5VX

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XM240 manual say about CW, MID and PH lengths to make it resonant in 7025,
7125 or 7225 Mhz


What is the bandwidth? If I assemble it for 7025 Mhz, do you know SWR at
7.200 Mhz?


If I assemble it for 7.125 Mhz, do you know SWR at 7.001 Mhz?






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