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Matt maflukey at gmail.com
Wed May 14 23:58:25 EDT 2014

Hi Jim,

To my knowledge...

Series 1 & 2 control boxes for the early Ham-M produced 1957-1959 are not
compatible with any of the later model rotors.

Series 3, 4, and early series 5 boxes for the Ham-M produced 1959-1973 are
compatible but do not have an independent brake release switch.  

Series 5 boxes for the Ham-II (brown cover or black & white cover) with the
gold faceplates are compatible and feature the independent brake release

All for the Ham-III, IV, & T2X boxes are compatible, the T2X boxes added LED
indicators beginning in 1977.

Hope this helps.


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Is there any difference in the old Hy-Gain metal cased rotor controllers and
the newer black plastic controllers?

Jim W7RY

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