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torque values

>>>  My question, and I have searched, what is the  difference in
starting/running torque between the Ham 4 and  TailTwister?
>  There is no difference in torque output between the Ham IV  and the Tail
    Wrong. On page 154 in my UP THE TOWER book,  the comparison table of 
rotators has the Ham IV with 800 inch/pounds of rotating  torque while the T2X 
has 1000 inch/pounds - a slight improvement. These are  manufacturer's 
>  Both use the same drive motor and running gear ratios.  The  Tail
Twister has a stronger rotor housing, improved mounting  fastener
arrangement, and a stronger brake wedge setup.
    In some instances, they use the same parts. 
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##  To really do it right,  take the inch lbs value.... and divide by 12.... to get ft lbs.   Then compare
that to your typ tq wrench..and u will see that both the ham-4 and tail twister really don’t have a lot of tq. 
Start up tq is really a myth.  It only last 1-3 secs... and is caused by the high start up current in the
motor itself.   I measured several of these small dc and ac motors..and they typ have a start up current 
of triple the running  current.   

Jim   VE7RF

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