[TowerTalk] WTB Rohn 25G tower insulator

Patrick Greenlee patrick_g at windstream.net
Tue Dec 15 14:46:31 EST 2015

One possibility...  The Hy-Gain Hy-Tower multi-band vertical comes with 
three insulators that are used to insulate the base of the antenna from 
the rest of the mounting structure which is set in a cubic yard of 
concrete.  These insulators may be ordered separately as parts.

The Hy-tower is 24 ft of steel lattice tower topped by decreasing 
diameters of aluminum tubing going up to about 52 ft above the base.

If you think the insulators are not strong enough then use two or more 
per leg, not just the one.  If you are at all handy in DIY I think you 
could take a look at the manual for this antenna (available as PDF 
download from Hy-Gain), order the parts you need, and successfully 
insulate your tower.

I redesigned their mount from aluminum to steel and used the stock 
insulators with no issues.  Tower base is mounted about 22 ft above 
ground (on top of an all metal barn) and has a 4-way Phillystran guy 
setup at the 24 ft level.  May be seen on my QRZ page.

Patrick        NJ5G

On 12/15/2015 12:06 PM, Andre VanWyk via TowerTalk wrote:
> I am getting parts together for a 160m vertical, using Rohn 25G sections. I am looking for a Rohn insulating tower section. If someone has one, please drop me an email. I managed to locate one a while back, but sold it to friend whom I felt needed it more that I did at the time.
> For my 80m Four Square, I had insulators made out of G-10 fiberglass rod, but I feel these are not suited for such a tall structure.
> Rohn does not manufacture this item anymore either.
> 73’s
> NJ0F

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