[TowerTalk] Tower Installtion Question

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 16 12:53:03 EST 2015

On 1/16/15 9:15 AM, Big Don wrote:
> Typical antenna survival ratings are way less - 402CD, 80mph -- 34XA,
> 100mph. Even if the tower is good for 130mph, the real hazard could well be
> the shrapnel from disintegrating antennas blowing around the neighborhood.
> That stuff blows all over while towers fall generally in one piece close to
> home. Apparently, the planning folks don't worry about that.
One would not want to wander down to the counter at the city and ask 
this question<grin>

I assume it gets handled as the tower is a "structure" and the antenna 
is something "on the structure".  It's like an inflatable santa claus on 
your roof.

 From a safety standpoint, if *I* were a county engineer reviewing 
applications, and we had agreed that "stuff" should withstand *X* miles 
per hour, then I would ask that you list the antenna on your application.

And if you said "I'm putting up a tower with a 2 meter vertical on top" 
and then later on you install a copy of W5UN's "mighty big array" to do 
some moonbounce, I think you'll get in trouble.

There might be a "de minimus" exception for small things with low mass 
and hazard.  (kind of like for free balloons.. FAA regs say that if it's 
smaller than a certain size and weight, you don't need to do some stuff)

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