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The low height keeps it in-efficient... that is one of the keys to
Beverages, they need the ground to do what they do best.  If you get it too
high it will act more like a plain long wire and will be directional but
will pick up more noise.

Also note that longer is not always better, 2 to 3 wavelengths is about as
long as you want to go, beyond that it starts to get too lossy.   So if you
get them 1 wavelength on 160m which is about the minimum then they are too
long to be very good on 40m. 

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With a few hundred thousand acres of National Forest behind me I have the
opportunity to put up an almost unlimited length Beverage ranging from about
10 degrees through 170 degrees (basically easterly). My concern is what
several have expressed, some animal pulling down wire with whatever.  Here
it is elk and deer that is my concern. The elk can make my S acre look like
the receiving end of an artillary barrage.  What is the height limit for a
Beverage - in short, can I put it at a height that clears the elk racks and
still have it be efficient? I ask because 1) I've not done a lot of
sleuthing or reading yet on Beverage's and 2) it seems like most of the
dialogue revolves around low heights use.

Hope to learn more about this antenna from this thread.



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