[TowerTalk] Fwd: Aluminum towers -- can you really "walk one up"?

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Hi Tom,

If you don't put to much heavy stuff on the tower before you walk it up it should be OK. Just for your comparison, I have an 85 feet aluminum tower and the total weight of the tower, empty is 300 lb. It's tapered so the heavier section are at the bottom. No, I didn't walk this tower up but I easily carried around the top 40 feet during the assembly of the tower and could, probably have raised the by myself as a 40 foot tower, had I done that.

Good luck with your installation and best 73 de,

Hans - N2JFS

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I keep seeing ads for self-supporting aluminum 
towers that are so light that
one person can "walk 
up" a 40-footer with a hinged base. Of course, 
one DOWN might be more interesting, unless 
one has ropes, blocks, and a team.
Can walking one 
up really be done, even with light, VHF-UHF 
verticals and/or
TV antennas? It just seems a 
tower light enough to walk up can't be strong

enough to STAY up.

I can't afford a motorized tilt-over or 
crank-up, unless it's used, and even 
then, it's unlikely, on my retirement
income. All 
I want to tackle is 30 to 40 feet. Should I forget 
about a tower
altogether, or buy a section of Rohn 
25 a month, or... what?

NW Middle


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