[TowerTalk] ProSisTel PST110D-Pro Rotator

David Gilbert xdavid at cis-broadband.com
Sat Nov 21 03:04:01 EST 2015

The horrendous wind gusts I get on my hillside QTH  ... raging 80 to 90 
mph swirlers that apply a push-pull torque on the boom (and therefore 
the mast) when they hit the antennas head on ... have stripped the gears 
on my PST-61D rotator, so I'm in the market for a heavier duty 
version.   I don't need lots of rotating torque and I don't need lots of 
weight bearing capability, but I do need the equivalent of a lot of 
braking torque ... mostly really beefy gears.   I've been considering 
the monster PST110D-Pro but I'm aware of one nearby ham who has had 
recent reliability problems with the motor in two different PST110D 
rotators that he purchased.

I sent an email to Array Solutions almost two weeks ago 
(info at arraysolutions.com) asking them for their comments on the issue 
but they haven't bothered to respond, and a bunch of internet searching 
has come up with very little information (good or bad) on the PST110D.

So does anyone here on the reflector have any first hand experience with 
this rotator ... or know anyone who does?  Thanks in advance for any 

Dave   AB7E

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