[TowerTalk] Long Tangent U Bolts

Don W7WLL w7wll at arrl.net
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I was thinking LONG U-bolts Jim, like to fasten two 2 inch boom pieces 
together or other such odd needs plus possibly a saddle and rigid plate. I 
see DX Eng sells the SS or Alum saddles and a rigid plate in a set, but I 
just need 1/2 of the saddle set plus the rigid plate. Also need to take into 
account the fastening hardware.  That ends up a LONG U bolt. I looked at DX 
Eng data on the U bolts and see the ID, thread size and length but nothing 
on the C length, the OA length from the inside of the curve to the end of 
the bolt thread (unless I missed something).

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Long Tangent U Bolts

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Has anyone used U-Bolt-It in Houston to fabricate longer U bolts than 
available in standard sizes? If so were they able to deal with small 
quantities at a reasonable price (like 2 to 4 pieces)?


##  what size  bolt..and how long does it have to be ?      The SS  U bolts 
I bought from DX eng  have the longest threads I have ever seen on any U 
bolt.   They provide for bucket loads of
excess thread.   They also come in both  .3125 and also .375 sizes.  You can 
easily have enough thread to go through say a .75 inch thick AL plate..with 
plenty left over for the nut etc.

Jim  VE7RF


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