[TowerTalk] Long Tangent U Bolts

Don W7WLL w7wll at arrl.net
Tue Apr 11 11:47:55 EDT 2017

With two rigid plates each side that is a viable option to look into. Yes, 
I'm not equipped anymore (since downsizing to a house with no shop) to do 
metalwork nor do I desire to. SS is a bit difficult to work with also when 
it comes to bending.

Lots of good suggestions but based on the cost of the custom U bolts I had 
made previously at a shop up the coast, that option still seems to be the 
easiest and most cost effective, at least for me. Again, what I was looking 
for was any experience towerites had with shops that might more routinely do 
this. Tim's direction to the DX Eng clamps was appreciated, I see lots of 
nice things there, but for this project a bit overkill and pricey.

Back to the more technical discussions, I'm reading!

Thanks all,


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W7WLL is not interested in making his own. To make my own U-Bolt, instead
of threaded rod, I would look for a stud with two threaded ends.


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What about buying and cutting and bending threaded rod to make your own?

Not sure if the threading and bending will weaken the U though.



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