[TowerTalk] ferrites for Beverage transformers

Richard (Rick) Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Wed Apr 12 13:58:10 EDT 2017

On 4/12/2017 10:10 AM, Jim Brown wrote:

> wind inductive components (transformers) for 2-4 MHz.

Sorry, but I don't consider "inductive" components to
include broadband transformers at receiving power levels.
Beverage transformers fall into this category.
In these cases, the only thing that matters is the magnitude
of the impedance per turn.  It doesn't matter if this
impedance is entirely resistive.

> http://www.fair-rite.com/files1/Fair-Rite_Catalog_17th_Edition.pdf
> Material specs begin on page 10. Page 30 describes #73 material. A quick
> study of the first graph of complex permeability vs frequency shows that
> it is a poor choice as an inductive component above 1 MHz. Why it has
> become popular for Beverage transformers is a mystery to me. The only

> 73, Jim K9YC

No, #73 is popular for Beverages because you get considerably more 
impedance per turn than, say #43 material.

Rick N6RK

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