[TowerTalk] Multi-Band End Fed Counterpoise

Tony dxdx at optonline.net
Thu Apr 20 19:43:30 EDT 2017


I have a multi-band end fed (see below) that I'd like to try on 80 and 
40 meters. After reading W8JI's notes on 1/2 wavelength end-feds, it's 
clear that a counterpoise is needed; without it, the feed line ends up 
replacing the missing counterpoise which results in RF along the coax 
and into the shack.

My question is: would signal 40 and 80 meter counterpoise ( one for each 
band) be sufficient running above ground? It's not piratical to run the 
counterpoise in a radial pattern so I'd have to bunch them together and 
place them along the fence which runs perpendicular to the direction of 
the end fed antenna.

End Fed:  http://myantennas.com/wp/product/efhw-8010/

Thanks, Tony

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