[TowerTalk] Multiband End Fed

Wilson Lamb infomet at embarqmail.com
Fri Apr 21 12:28:10 EDT 2017

I’m a doubter.
Is there any way you could put up a wire ending in the shack?
Feed it with a little MFJ tuner and you can match on ANY frequency, with higher efficiency.
The fact that they show such good matches on such a bunch of non harmonically related freq’s shows there’s more going on than they talk about.
Note that some freqs are phone, some CW and that small excursions in the bands can make large changes in SWR.  Where do you want to be?
B%W sold a magic antenna to the military.  It got a fair match because it had resistors at the feedpoint!
The logic was that if you fed it enough RF enough would get out to make your contact.
You can find it in the QST archives.
The impedance of an end fed varies from thousands to under a hundred Ohms.  The low Z magnitudes depend more on ground quality than the high Z ones.
A really good shack ground is a good thing.
A reading of the Antenna Book or Handbook would be very useful for you.
There is still no free lunch,

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