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Thu Apr 27 03:13:59 EDT 2017

I can't speak for 9913F, but the UF versions of the Times Wire cables do 
not stand up well to the elements.  Their lifetime is listed at half the 
regular cables. The jacket is a rubber like material that tends to cling 
to "things".  I had a bad experience using it for rotator loops and a 
very short life. (less than 6 years).  I had some left and used it for 
jumpers from the coax grounding plate at the base of the tower. these 
jumpers do not move as opposed to rotator loops.  They failed in just a 
few years. As I was taping up a temporary splice (we ran out of time 
with rain on the way) I discovered splits in the jacket of the LMR400UF 
that exposed the shield.

The original 9913 soured me on anything with those numbers in the 
designation, but the 9913F has a good reputation. the UF cables do not.  
Unfortunately I discovered this after an order for a 1000 feet of 
LMR600UF had been shipped. So, I use it in conduit where it's protected 
and hope for the best. Actually most of my coax is in conduit except the 
stuff on the tower, or running to the feed points on the center fed, 
sloping dipoles. As for the 9913F, I'd probably would use it except for 
my preference to use Davis BuryFlex.

73, Roger (K8RI)

On 4/25/2017 7:00 PM, Mark Spencer wrote:
> Does any one have any recent practical experience with Belden 9913F7 coax they can share with me (probably off list ?)
> The batch I purchased over 10 years ago continues to work well for me.   I'm pondering buying some more for portable use (my Belden 9913F7 cable seem to be less prone to tangling than the Generic LMR400UF style cable I also use for portable use.)   I'd be curious in hearing from anyone who has recently purchased this product.
> Thanks in advance
> Mark S
> mark at alignedsolutions.com
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