[TowerTalk] PST61 Rotor Reliability?

Richard Thorne rthorne at rthorne.net
Sat Dec 9 09:50:42 EST 2017


I use the small prop pitch from K7NV to turn my 140' 55g rotating 
tower.  Hasn't missed a beat in over 2 years since installing it.

Great piece of work.

The prop pitch will actually move in either direction when not powered 
up under high wind conditions.  I like that feature as it keeps the 
stress off the entire system.  If it does move under these conditions I 
just take a quick heading with my IPhone compass and reset the Green 
Heron controller that Kurt has W2FU make for the prop pitches.

Rich - N5ZC

On 12/9/2017 8:37 AM, Patrick Greenlee wrote:
> Kurt Andress, K7NV, pretty much tells it like it is whether or not his 
> audience chooses to believe reports from his experience and 
> knowledge.  He does a fine job re-purposing prop pitch motors as 
> antenna rotators.  His engineering and workmanship (and anyone he subs 
> to) are of the highest quality as evidenced by an examination of one 
> of his rotators. He told me his smaller model is more than sufficient 
> to handle a SteppIR DB42.  It is one gutsy unit.  The motor isn't 
> turning unless energized. High ratio worm drive "automatically" locks 
> the output when the motor is not powered. No brake needed, no brake to 
> wear, slip, or fail.
> Many of his customers started out trying to find a good bargain price 
> rotator.  Their sad tales of woe are rife here and on other social 
> media. Eventually, after multiple failed attempts to get 10 lbs of 
> "STUFF" into a 5 lb bag they ante up and get one of his or other truly 
> stout units.
> The true bargain approach is to buy his unit first and save the money, 
> time, effort, and grief of trying to "overstuff the bag" with units 
> that fail.
> My congratulations to all of you who are getting good results with 
> re-purposed light duty TV rotors, hamsters on treadmills, or whatever. 
> The above does not apply to you.
> Patrick        NJ5G
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