[TowerTalk] Galling and seizing of SS nuts to SS threaded studs and bolts.

Steve Bookout steve at nr4m.com
Sun Jul 2 12:56:11 EDT 2017

Hello all,

I have tried using anti seize compounds on stainless hardware, but I 
find it next to useless once the nut/bolt connection has been out in the 
wx for a long time.  I would expect that even if externally 'washed off' 
by the weather, there would be some left on the inside where the actual 
stainless to stainless contact takes place.  But, I don't recall EVER 
having it come apart as it should.

I remember always using anti seize compound on the U-bolts on Hygain 
rotators and always breaking them off at a later date. This was, of 
course, when I had no spare available.  I just started to *assume* the 
U-bolt would gall, seize and beak, and I would make sure there was a 
spare one available.

Commercially available zinc, or cad plated hardware is junk and should 
be avoided.

Years ago, I took down 6 - 90 foot AB-105 towers from a military 
facility which was closing.  They had been up since the mid fifties.  I 
just *knew* it would be a real PITA to disassemble this tower into 10 
foot sections for trailer transport. I purchased 2 electric impacts, 
thinking I would be needing to break lots of frozen up bolts.

Surprisingly, the only hardware that broke were some pieces of 'hardware 
store' hardware,  They were old, and almost unrecognizable, globs of 
rust.  Every other bolt on the towers were hot dipped galvanized  and 
could be removed easily with regular hand tools, although the impact 
wrenches made it almost too easy.

Bottom line for me is that I will only use hot dipped galvanized 
hardware, unless I have no other choice, and then I will use stainless.  
But, I consider the stainless to be 'one time use'.

73 de Steve, NR4M

On 7/2/2017 9:29:AM, Roger (K8RI) on TT wrote:
> Easier than that. Just use Neverseize(sp)
> SS to SS under tension, or just tight fitting will have the nut 
> bonding to the bolt.
> With no preventative You have to twist the bolt off.  That can be a 
> real knuckle buster with 3/8ths or 1/2". Been there, done that.
> 73, Roger (K8RI)
> On 7/2/2017 Sunday 8:27 AM, J Chaloupka via TowerTalk wrote:
>> I have often read where there is a problem of the threads of SS 
>> assemblies becoming seized or locked together after a time in the 
>> weather and becoming difficult and or useless when disassembly and 
>> reassembly is required.It is my opinion that one can use bronze nuts 
>> with the stainless threaded component with no such galling occurring. 
>> It is something I have done for years with no trouble.Opinions 
>> welcome.JIM, W4QBQ
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