[TowerTalk] Galling and seizing of SS nuts to SS threaded

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I have used both Latex and Vinyl gloves (available in medical supply stores)
Some people are allergic to latex. These gloves are thin and fragile and 
also somewhat porous to many chemicals.  Vinyl is easily dissolved in 
Acetone and some paint thinners.  Latex worked great with Vinyl Ester 
epoxy but it went through Vinyl gloves like they weren't even there

I prefer Latex, but for me with a left hand that is only partially 
useful they can be difficult to get on. Baby powder makes them much 
easier to get on.
I also prefer Vinyl Ester over regular epoxies for making repairs and 
fiberglass parts, BUT it has a very short shelf life. Keep refrigerated 
when not using. It will set up solid, in 6 mo to a year at 72F

73, Roger (K8RI)

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> <My experience with Never Seize (brand name, found in automotive stores) has been nothing but positive as far as keeping the stainless steel and galvanized bolts able to be removed later (even years later).  As mentioned, I found that it will get all over my  <hands no matter how careful I am.  Removing it from hands later on is done with waterless hand cleaner (contains lanolin as well as other stuff) which I also find at automotive supply store.  (Use this before washing your hands with water.)  This hand cleaner <also works well on clothes BUT it must be applied and worked in to remove the gray grease BEFORE water is applied to the clothes.  (Once the clothes go through a washing machine, the stain will be on it for the life of the clothes.)
> <Dave K1VUT
> ##  Disposable latex or vinyl  gloves work, and also provide for full finger dexterity.  My problem is, I sometimes forget to put em on !    Typ 50 or 100 disposable gloves in a box.  I use em for never seize, and also when silver plating copper strap +
> tubing,  detailing cars, garden work,  and also working on vehicles..or anything else you are likely to get your fingers mucked up on.   Then when done, pluck them off, folding then inside out, toss em.
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