[TowerTalk] Wire Antennas Only For Field Day

Charles Gallo charlie at thegallos.com
Wed Jul 5 16:46:02 EDT 2017

>There's something
> about aluminum beams and even verticals that seem a bit out of place when
> considering that we are practicing for dire emergency situations.<snip>

I don't know.  The ARES group I used to belong to always had verticals
ready to go and put up for HF.  Heck, we actually had TWO entire spare
repeaters (2m and 440) with antennas, generators, duplexers, cable etc and
access to at least 3-4  buildings in the area where in an emergency we
could put them (they were on the same frequency as out main 2m and 440

I know of another group that has a trailer, with a tower, and could be out
in the field, with a beam up on the tower at 60 ft within 2-3 hours (with
the longest part being putting the antenna back together)

My personal go boxes used to be ready to do 2m, 440 (voice) along with 2m
and 440 Packet/Winlink, and I had 40 ft of mast, and a nice comet antenna.
 Haven't tested in 2 years now, but I thought nothing of being able to go
on the roof of a 3 story school building, put up my tripods, the antennas
(HF and UHF), drop the coax over the side, and start operating on HF or

Just depends how deep you go into Emcom.

73 de KG2V
Ex EC Queens County ARES

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