[TowerTalk] Galling and seizing of SS nuts to SS threaded

Ian White gm3sek at ifwtech.co.uk
Wed Jul 5 17:39:59 EDT 2017

VE7RF wrote:

>##  I have never tried Blue loctite on SS hard ware.   Are you also
using   SS
>nylocks with the SS bolts + SS screws...or just  SS regular nuts ???

It varies - I tend to use whatever is supplied. With plain nuts I would
always use the Loctite. With Nyloc nuts I would only add the Loctite if
the hardware was showing any sign of galling. 

>Can u even use loctite with SS nylock nuts  ?

It doesn't seem to be a problem. I try to avoid applying Loctite where
the nylon ring would be, but I wouldn't think it would be a disaster
either - whatever, that nut is *locked*.

>What else that might work is purple loctite.  I have never used it, but
>apparently its slightly weaker than the blue stuff..and may well be
ideal for
>a lot of various applications.

There isn't any need to use the weaker grade, as Blue grades are
specifically designed for disassembly using hand tools, for the typical
range of thread sizes used in antenna work and other light-to-medium

Purple is mainly intended for tiny instrument screws where there is a
risk of the screw snapping.
>What I would not recommend is red loctite.  Red loctite  is as good as
>welded....esp with SS machine screws...  you cant get em out.
Agreed. Green Loctite will give you a hard time as well.

Those high-strength grades of Loctite can be useful when using
all-thread studs, where you want to lock one end permanently into place.
You can then use the Blue Loctite on the free end of the stud.

73 from Ian GM3SEK

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