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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Nylok nuts

>  I use Nord-Lock washers for high vibration or
> "can't loosen"  applications when full bolt tension is ok,  as split
> ring lockwashers are nearly useless.  There are many many choices for
> fastener locking technologies.  for some of them check out
> https://www.mcmaster.com/#hex-locknuts/=18dpj92

If anyone wants to read a really interesting book on this, get a copy of
Carroll Smith's
"Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners and Plumbing"

Probably more than you'd ever want to know about what actually works,
DOESN'T work (hint, split lock washers  are basically useless for a
properly torqued connection) and how to prevent things from coming


###  I have seldom had issues with split ring lockwashers..and that included vibration.
On  a similar note,  UST corp uses  nylocks all over their towers... like on all 22 x pulleys,
and also where the plates are that are bolted across the  width of each top section. Nylocks

##  Im going to check out these  Nord-locks, at 1st glance, they appear to be the ultimate device. 
Somebody mentioned A325 structural bolts.   A325 is the same as  a  SAE- Grade 5 bolt.    Beware,
the  structural bolt tables will provide for a max TQ rating..depending on whether its..wet...or dry. 
Wet means lubricated,  and dry means no lube on the threads.  HUGE  difference.  Same deal with
SAE - Grade 8 bolts...and their structural eq.    If wet..lubricated... FAR less tq is required.  IF  you lube
the bolts..and then use the max  dry TQ rating,  you will trash the bolt threads.   

## For stuff like boom splices, or inboard sections of an 80 or 40m rotary dipole..where the typ
.25-20  or  .25-28  SS bolt is used, the mating SS nylocks, lubed with never seize, have not given me
any issues. 

##  back when I was a kid,  nylocks  were always called...aircraft nuts..or ..elasticstop nuts.   Then 
the term..nylock became the norm.  

Jim   VE7RF


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