[TowerTalk] Nylok nuts

Charles Gallo charlie at thegallos.com
Thu Jul 6 16:47:10 EDT 2017

> ##  Im going to check out these  Nord-locks, at 1st glance, they appear to
> be the ultimate device.

Yep, Nordlock, and "Jet Nuts" etc - see my other post.  I have a few
around the shop.  All sorts of "good stuff" out there that is WAY beyond
what we do every day

Notice something interesting BTW - The .MIL, who LOVES stainless hardware,
doesn't use stainless for a lot of these - they are using a heavy cadmium
plated nut

The fasteners book goes into a LOT of this stuff.  More from the point of
view of racing (weight matters, strength matters, weatherproof not so
much), but you can really get an idea of what hardware is out there

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