[TowerTalk] DC-4 or DC-5 ?

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Mon Jul 10 02:34:08 EDT 2017

I've been using these dielectric greases for over 30 years.

For your use, it doesn't make a difference. Both are essentially 
dielectric greases, not lubricants although they will serve that 
purpose. You can even flood the connectors, but be warned that 
"flooding" has its own problems.  Be careful with Silicones. Nothing 
will stick to them.  HOWEVER , in the presence of a high voltage arc, 
both will break down with one of the byproducts being SiO2 (Silicone 
Dioxide = powdered quartz) a highly abrasive material.

I used to get a lot of both for a buck a 10 oz tube at the company 
store.  A 10 oz tube lasts a very long time.

73, Roger (K8RI)

On 7/9/2017 Sunday 11:59 AM, Jim Thomson wrote:
> Which of the Dow corning products  would be best for coax connector center pins,
> and also on the threads of coax connectors ?
> http://www.dowcorning.com/applications/search/default.aspx?R=402EN  Scroll down a bit to get the pdf file.
> http://www.dowcorning.com/applications/search/default.aspx?R=12722EN  Pdf file is down a  bit.
> DC-4 might be better for threads...and DC-5  might be better for the center pin, dunno, it’s a  little confusing.
> DC-4 is good for spark plugs, which is hv.   Then DC-5 is made for HV.  yet the DC-4 has a higher standoff V, 1 kv per mil.
> DC-5 is  545 V per mil.
> I also need something to coat  the rubber gasket seals on several nema-4 boxes which will be outdoors.
> I might get one of each type, as I can see where this goop would work on a lot of items used both indoors and outdoors.
> Has anybody used either of these products...and what application did you use it ?
> Jim  VE7RF
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