[TowerTalk] Getting Rid of the Birds

Keith Dutson kdutson at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jul 10 07:55:24 EDT 2017

Build a second, taller, non-conductive perch for the eagle. 😊

I love watching the osprey in nature.  My sister once lived in Lake Almanor Peninsula, near Chester, CA.  Her husband built their home with a perfect overlook of Lake Almanor.  During visits in the summer, I could see Ospreys flying from their nests in tall pines, high above the lake, down to the lake surface, scanning for fish.  When a fish was seen, the eagle would dive down to the surface, and usually emerge with a fish, sometimes up to 3 feet long.

These are large (up to 6 foot wingspan), heavy (up to 3.5 pounds) birds.  I live inland of the Gulf Coast, in Tomball, TX.  I do not see these birds here.  However, hawks and owls sometimes perch on my Yagi.  An occasional red headed woodpecker pounds on the tower, perhaps calling for a mate.

So, in summary, I would stop operating, and watch the bird for a while, then resume  operation when the bird leaves.  Of course, you can always make an outside appearance, and the bird will likely leave the perch.  Unfortunately, frequent cleaning of that spot will be required.

73, Keith NM5G

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Living near the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, my area is subject to those birds typical for the environment. Unfortunately, I have an osprey that relishes sleeping on my tower out at the end of my M2 twelve element 2 mtr beam. I placed some plastic anti bird spikes on various areas of the tower and on some of the antennas but was not able to reach the height with the lift I rented this spring to where I needed the most protection.  A couple of neighbors use motion activated lawn sprinklers to 'enforce' their yard around here chasing seagulls and ospreys off their sailboats, decks, and boat docks.  I wonder if anyone has used these up on a tower to chase away birds?  I plan to get a higher reach lift and place one or more of the sprinklers up high to squirt the birds as they land. (PLEASE don't offer suggestions about owls, snakes, shiny beads, etc..all have been tried.  They ospreys just poop on them.)  Has anyone tried a motion active sprinkler and if so, which  brand did you use? Thanks.  - Mike


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