[TowerTalk] Getting Rid of the Birds

kc4pe kc4pe at bellsouth.net
Mon Jul 10 07:57:54 EDT 2017

Motion detector activating a child's bicycle horn/bell....


On 7/9/2017 11:34 PM, Mike Ryan wrote:
> Living near the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, my area is subject to those
> birds typical for the environment. Unfortunately, I have an osprey that
> relishes sleeping on my tower out at the end of my M2 twelve element 2 mtr
> beam. I placed some plastic anti bird spikes on various areas of the tower
> and on some of the antennas but was not able to reach the height with the
> lift I rented this spring to where I needed the most protection.  A couple
> of neighbors use motion activated lawn sprinklers to 'enforce' their yard
> around here chasing seagulls and ospreys off their sailboats, decks, and
> boat docks.  I wonder if anyone has used these up on a tower to chase away
> birds?  I plan to get a higher reach lift and place one or more of the
> sprinklers up high to squirt the birds as they land. (PLEASE don't offer
> suggestions about owls, snakes, shiny beads, etc..all have been tried.  They
> ospreys just poop on them.)  Has anyone tried a motion active sprinkler and
> if so, which  brand did you use? Thanks.  - Mike
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