[TowerTalk] Getting Rid of the Birds

Patrick Greenlee patrick_g at windstream.net
Mon Jul 10 10:10:06 EDT 2017

I used the sensor from a dual floodlamp security light to turn on a 
water control solenoid from a used appliance shop (dishwasher) They said 
I could have it for free if I used my own tools to remove it. I hooked 
it up to a garden hose and rain bird sprinkler.  It kept dogs from 
leaving love notes on the lawn. Eventually some neighborhood kids 
discovered it and put on their swim suits and played in the sprinkler 
spray.  You get a fine for letting water run down the curb so I changed 
to ultrasound in front and put the IR sprinkler in the back yard where 
it kept cats out of my veggie garden (their sand box.)

Ultra sound projectors (look like horn tweeters) aim the sound like a 
beam of light.  I would use ultrasound projectors aimed up where the 
only critters blasted and disturbed would be those near your antenna or 
top of your tower. You won't hear anything but the birds sure will. 
Drill a couple drain holes if the design of  the transducers will hold 
water when aimed up. Use either IR detector like from a security light 
or random on-off which is a feature on some of the ultrasound units. I 
would soon tire of hearing a horn blow or a bell ring.  You won't hear 
the ultrasound but the birds will.

Both the sprinkler and the ultrasound were very effective. Having the 
ultrasound random or IR activated worked very well except... A guy with 
a big dog on a leash let his dog get on my lawn and set off the system.  
The dog leaped away so forcefully it nearly knocked the guy down and 
dragged him into the street to get away.  He acted as if his shoulder 
was nearly dislocated.

Patrick        NJ5G

On 7/10/17 6:57 AM, kc4pe wrote:
> Motion detector activating a child's bicycle horn/bell....
> On 7/9/2017 11:34 PM, Mike Ryan wrote:
>> Living near the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, my area is subject to 
>> those
>> birds typical for the environment. Unfortunately, I have an osprey that
>> relishes sleeping on my tower out at the end of my M2 twelve element 
>> 2 mtr
>> beam. I placed some plastic anti bird spikes on various areas of the 
>> tower
>> and on some of the antennas but was not able to reach the height with 
>> the
>> lift I rented this spring to where I needed the most protection.  A 
>> couple
>> of neighbors use motion activated lawn sprinklers to 'enforce' their 
>> yard
>> around here chasing seagulls and ospreys off their sailboats, decks, and
>> boat docks.  I wonder if anyone has used these up on a tower to chase 
>> away
>> birds?  I plan to get a higher reach lift and place one or more of the
>> sprinklers up high to squirt the birds as they land. (PLEASE don't offer
>> suggestions about owls, snakes, shiny beads, etc..all have been 
>> tried.  They
>> ospreys just poop on them.)  Has anyone tried a motion active 
>> sprinkler and
>> if so, which  brand did you use? Thanks.  - Mike
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