[TowerTalk] Coax choice for crank-up - looking for TT experience/recommendations

David Aslin G3WGN david at aslinvc.com
Mon Jul 10 12:15:37 EDT 2017

I'm putting together a new contest station and have already decided on/obtained LDF5-50A for the 150ft runs to the bases of the two crank-up towers.
Looking for real-life experiences with cable choices for going up the telescopic crank-up towers.  Seems to me LDF Heliax (either 4-50 or 5-50) won't have sufficient flexibility for the job - the towers are likely to be up/down frequently for neighbour and passing storm reasons. Am I too cautious on that score or is a low-loss coax with stranded core like the Messi & Paolini Hyperflex/Ultraflex series or LMR 400/600UF a better bet?
73, David G3WGN  M6O

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