[TowerTalk] 160M inv L too close to yagi ?

Bill Parry bparry at rgv.rr.com
Mon Jul 17 16:32:00 EDT 2017

Interesting.  I have had a 160 meter inverted vee apex at about 110 feet and
a 2 element 40 M Cushcraft at 135 feet since 2001.  I have never noticed any
interaction. I do have some interaction with the Force 12 C3 at 120 feet (on
15) and the 40 meter yagi.  I had to turn the C3 90 degrees to get the
interaction down to a useable amount.

Bill W5VX

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<Thanks guys the info on your experience with a 160M inverted L under a 40M?
yagi.Much appreciated !It sounds like I should try to keep the horiz leg of
the L at least 10 feet below the yagi plus <turn the yagi so the elements
are not parallel with the L.? 
<I hope to have it up and running in a couple of weeks.? I will post my

<thanks again !

##  Its not the  40m yagi screwing up the  160m inverted L  you have to
worry about.    Its the  160M inverted L  screwing up the 40m yagi !    You
will want to be able to rotate the 40m yagi to any direction you choose,
and some 40m beam headings may well create or enhance  interaction.     When
on 160M, sure, you could rotate the 40m yagi to minimize interaction from
the 40m yagi to the 160M  inverted L.... but may well not work
the other way around.  Last thing you want is to degrade the 40m yagi...cuz
of a 160m wire ant close to it.   You might want  to have any  configuration
modeled in nec-4...run it past Ken  at JK ants 1st.  Some of it will
depend on how long the horz leg is on the 160M inverted L. 
You might also have an option of de-tuning the 160m ant, via relayS and
either  C or L  or both........ such that the 160m does not  destroy the 40m

Jim   VE7RF 


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