[TowerTalk] Latteral load capability of T2X in mast mounted configuration

K7LXC at aol.com K7LXC at aol.com
Sat Jul 22 11:56:00 EDT 2017

>  I am using a mobile crank-up / tilt tower for some antenna  testing that 
has a top section too small to get a ham4 rotor in.   Unfortunately that 
means I need to mount the rotor on a pole that extends from  the top of the 
>  The good thing about this setup is the tower nests and the  tilts down 
essentially parallel to the ground, allowing you to mount the antenna  while 
standing on the ground.  The bad thing about that setup is the rotor  has 
got to be stout enough to hold the antenna weight while the rotor is  
temporarily horizontal.  
>  Would the tailtwister would be happy holding that much  weight off the 
nose when it?s temporarily horizontal?

I worked for Hy-Gain/Telex some years ago and  we destruction tested a T2X  
to determine the lateral load capacity (page  156 of my UP THE TOWER book 
available from championradio.com). The rotator took  3000 foot-lbs. before it 
broke. I'd say you shouldn't have a problem with your  proposed situation. 
Steve    K7LXC

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