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I do not know how much work the folks involved want to do, or how essential maintaining all of the dimensions is. But the option I haven't heard discussed is the base re-use method I have heard Steve refer to several times.

1. Slice the bolts off even with the surface of the base.
2. Rotate the template 60 degrees.
3. Drill new bolt holes in the base.
4. Epoxy new bolts into base.

Yep - it would be a LOT of work. But the result is no bends, reamed out holes, or possibly "de-tempered" steel.

Just thought I would mention another option.

Joe kk0sd

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WOW, music to my ears, seldom heard? 


You're probably right!  However, jacking the feet apart at the base section then creates a permanent problem if the tower is moved.  The template is of no use and Pirod cannot make a second template that ultimately corrects the problem during a new pour. 

Paul, W9AC 

BUT, I was anticipating a little deflection without plastic deformation. 
We only need to move 1/8" or so, as I recall. 


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