[TowerTalk] Adjustments to Tower Base Pier J-Bolts

Steve Maki lists at oakcom.org
Mon Jul 24 17:28:18 EDT 2017

On 7/24/2017 11:54 AM, Jim Thomson wrote:

> <When we stack a big self support lattice tower, we usually stick build
> <the bottom section (with a small boom truck) right onto the anchor
> <bolts. On big towers each leg has climbing pegs on the lower sections,
> <which makes this feasible.
> <Then the rest of the tower gets assembled horizontally in 60' to 100'
> <sections using the boom truck and ladders. I'm talking 25' face sections
> <here.
> <Then the big crane comes in for a day to stack the whole thing.
> <Paul might consider this method, as the slop in member holes should
> <allow assembly even with the slight misalignment of the anchor bolts.
> <A couple of nice long bull pins will be handy of course.
> <-Steve K8LX
> ##  His Pirod is all welded sections, using solid legs....and solid welded braces.
> So no way to stick build the bottom section...like is done on lattice towers..
> using bolted braces...aka..giant meccano sets.
> Jim   VE7RF

I didn't catch that from what he said. I was picturing 8'-10' face width 
at the base for a stout 140' tower, and I've never seen welded sections 
of that size. Usually you don't get all welded till you get down to 5' 
or 6' width.

Haven't seen every tower there is though.

-Steve K8LX

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