[TowerTalk] rotary tower : cable management solution at base

Richard Riley Richard.Riley at tango.hr
Fri Jul 28 07:00:38 EDT 2017

Hi all,

I'm about to install the first of 5 rotary towers here @ 9A1TT. This is the smallest at 31m but they all based on triangular 6m segments measuring 50 or 60cm to a side.
Concrete will be poured for the base and guy points on Monday...so I'm quite excited, having waited 4 years for the paperwork to be cleared :)!

Now to my question.

The tower sits on a typical base (with 3 phase motor) that measures 1m in height.  The system looks very similar to those on offer at XG and RTS.
What I haven't seen anywhere (at least not documented online) is a mechanically sound yet elegant solution to handle the coiling of coax and control cables as the tower rotates through its 450o.

The tower will carry 4 mono-banders, an electronic compass for rotation controller and a safety light on top...perhaps later another yagi for 6m..or alike.
I'm opting for 10-15mm flexible coax to run the length of the tower and into the concrete.
So I have a "cable loom" (or 2, if I separate coax from cables) which is no larger than 50mm outer diameter.

I considered using a cable drag chain to support the spiral and protect the coax etc... but haven't ever seen one used for this application.
Or am I complicating matters (wanting the loom to look as sexy as the tower :))...and will a flexible UV-resistant conduit suffice?

What do you use?  Pictures to my email much appreciated :).


73 9a1tt

Richard Riley

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