[TowerTalk] Identify mystery tower?

Drew Vonada-Smith drew at whisperingwoods.org
Sun Jul 30 13:26:20 EDT 2017


I am purchasing a crank up tower as part of an estate sale.  But I am having problems identifying what it is.  It is a 5 section unit, motorized and the bottom section is 30 inches tube center to center, or about 32.x face to face.  This makes it slightly too big for a UST HDX589, and just in between a Tashjian  DX-86 and DX-86HD.  And of course, I need to buy a new base for it so I am struggling and need some help.  The winch is marked Rohn, but I am suspicious it was cobbled together for the application.

The tower is mounted with a tilt over cradle, which may or may not be homemade.  Any ideas, folks?  

Drew K3PA 

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