[TowerTalk] radials 160

Herb Krumich wa2fgk at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 6 18:33:13 EST 2017

All winter I have been clearing out a large area to put radials down for a 160 meter antennaI built an antenna which looks like a T between two 90 foot towersThe vertical leg is 65 feet and the horizontal is the same. 
I used it with only a few radials and was pleased with contacts to the west coast from Pa.So here is my questionWhat type of tool can I use to bury the radials an inch or so.My problem is there are quite a few surface rocks that I will have to deal with.Does Home Depot or Lowe's have something ?I was even just thinking about using a pic and draging it backwards
Preferable no motors due to the rocksThanksHerb K2LNS

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