[TowerTalk] More radials

jcjacobsen at q.com jcjacobsen at q.com
Tue Mar 7 13:11:30 EST 2017

Herb is having LOTS of fun with his radials: 

<<<Thanks to everyone for all the ideas. I'll do some shopping withing a few days, and let everyone know my best preferenceNow lastly.Does it matter the length of the radials ? Towards the back I can go 135 feet.>>>>>> 

Herb, you're gonna get a lot of opinions on this one. I was told, years ago, and believe, that length isn't that important :ie, they don't need to be 1/4 wl long if buried. Look in the Antenna Handbook at the radial info. I have 32 ea, 32' long, radials, buried abt 1 1/2" deep, under a 42' loaded vertical (won't go into details here) and it works fairly well. (Into Europe/Central/South America on 75 barefoot, and a couple QSO's on 160 with 400 watts output, or abt 100 watts ERP, which amazed me!!! On 160 I regularly work 40++ states and a lot of VE's during the CQWW SSB. 

I would say, if you are length challenged in some directions just install a few more on that side. Don't get too "anal" about it. After 32 each, I think you might see diminishing return results. AND after 60 each, according to charts in book, you really don't gain much. But then, YMMV. 

Again, Have fun with the project. 
K9WN Jake (NOT an antenna GURU, by a long shot) 

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