[TowerTalk] HyGain Antenna Quality control issues

k7lxc at aol.com k7lxc at aol.com
Sun Apr 1 11:26:26 EDT 2018

>  For my tower I have considered side mounting a TH7DXX or TH11DXX half way up but have held off just because of the bad feeling I hold towards them.
    You could get away with fixed side-mounting but there isn't enough room between the elements to be able to turn the antenna around the tower. 
>  May end of buying from DX Engineering their tribander or perhaps Mosely. Would really like the 5 band capability 10-20 mtrs.
    IMO you'd be wasting your time with a big Mosley. Our on-the-air triband comparison report showed the Mosleys "under performed" the competition. One antenna even had negative gain on one band. The report is available from championradio.com. 
Steve    K7LXC
Champion Radio Products

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