[TowerTalk] HYGAIN -TH11DX Eperiences?

southbound suarez southboundsuarez at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 2 23:07:14 EDT 2018

With all the MFJ /Hygain  discussions going on, I'd like to know if anyone has had any experiences with recently purchased Th11DX ?
I have a pre MFJ Hygain TH7DX that I purchased second hand. Obviously, I never had to unpackage, inventory or assemble all the structure like a newly manufactured antenna. My experience with my used Th7DX was very favorable product. Considering how impressed I have been with the TH7DX, I have been strongly considering the purchase of a new TH11DX based on the assumption of having similiar performance as the TH7 with the addition of warc bands too.
All the MFJ criticism does suggest some prudence is in order before just jumping in and buying on impulse.
First and foremost my consideration has been based on my thought that this antenna would offer similiar performance as the previous Th7.
Is this even a correct assumption. The advertised numbers look attractive when cross referenced with their advertised numbers for the Th7 vs TH11 , are based upon the same methodologies and we are comparing apples to apples and oranges with oranges? I believe they list gain figures as dBi  for both....
But besides just performance do we get any value with what is delivered inside the box? Sure the price seems about right for a completed yagi but if you are just getting a box full of aluminum or substandard aluminum ect.... you could end up the same as rolling your own.....
Has anyone have real world experience purchasing and fulfillment from MFJ
Basically the full customer experience and how do they like or judge the performance of this antenna. Perhaps there is better choices. I know I want equal or better performance as my Th7 but also want more bands. I am using a Force12 now and it works very well but isnt nearly similiar as the th7.

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