[TowerTalk] Insurance for my tower??

Dick Blumenstein rcblumen at centurylink.net
Wed Apr 4 18:29:18 EDT 2018

Thanks Gary-

Since I have another building on the property that could max out the 
additional structures money available (10% of policy limit), the 
insurance agent told me to insure that structure separately on the 
policy which then leaves the 10% for the tower.

HOWEVER, it still get back to Actual Cash Value and determining what 
they will pay. It's a crap shoot how an adjuster would come up with a 
number. (Scenario - /"Oh, you only paid $x,000 for that used tower? 
Well, we need to depreciate it further!!"/ Back to square one and start 
project over for another year or more).

Obviously REPLACEMENT COST is the best route; but not available through 
my present insurance company.

Dick, K0CAT


StellarCAT wrote on 4/4/2018 12:22 PM:
> My home owners covered something like $30K of personal property and 
> that included the tower I was told ... I added another $50K of 
> coverage for I believe it was $60/yr ... AND had them add to that 
> "covers amateur radio equipment including outside towers, antennas, 
> structures".
> Progressive made it easy to do this.
> Gary
> K9RX

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