[TowerTalk] NOS 1/2" connectors

Jeff DePolo jd0 at broadsci.com
Sun Apr 15 17:03:18 EDT 2018

Sorting through boxes of connectors and thought I'd offer them here before
they end up in one of the tubs destined for Dayton next month.  Starting
with some 1/2" RFS connectors:

- RFS/Cablewave #738801, Type N female.  New, old stock, in military
packaging (paper-over-foil sealed envelopes).  I opened a few and the brass
is somewhat discolored from age.  $5 each, around 40 available

- RFS/Cablewave #738802, Type N male.  New(er) vintage old stock, brass nice
and shiny, in original packaging.  $7 each, around 50 available

- RFS/Cablewave #738803, UHF female.  New, old stock, brass showing
discoloration from age, original packaging.  $20 each, 5 available

Please note that these connectors fit all modern 1/2" foam dielectric cables
(but NOT Superflex varieties), including Andrew LDF4, Cablewave/RFS LCF12
and FLC12, Eupen EC4, et al.  They are all the captive-pin solderless types.
They have been stored in a dry environment, but per above, some show some
tarnish from age but nothing that affects usability or performance.

USPS small box (around 5 connectors max) = $6.85 

UPS medium box = $12.45

Buy 20 or more connectors and I'll pick up shipping (CONUS only).

				--- Jeff WN3A

Jeff DePolo, Senior Engineer
Broadcast Sciences LLC
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

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